Professional Development

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Presentations: Language and Skills

This seminar takes you systematically through the key communication and language skills needed to make a clear, well-organized and visually dynamic presentation through role-plays, interactive lectures, and video-taped presentation practice.

Purpose of this Workshop

  • Project a more professional delivery (body language, voice, presentation)
  • Master the appropriate language skills to develop a clear logical structure
  • Create powerful visual aids to add impact to your presentation
  • Manage one's internal state through developing authentic presence
  • Establish rapport with the audience and hold their interest
  • Being more confident through authentic presence
  • Step-by-step procedures for creating effective multimedia presentations, overhead transparencies, flipcharts, and handouts
  • Maximize your persuasiveness and impact
  • Find the real power in your voice
  • Overcome your fears when presenting
  • Prepare yourself to handle even the toughest question-and-answer session
  • Utilize interactive feedback checklists

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