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Meetings That Work

Meetings are the core of all business activities and are central to company success. Professionals need to be equipped with a range of skills and language to help them anticipate and deal with many of the difficulties they will face.

Meetings that Work is a practical course specifically designed to develop these essential communication and language skills. It is divided into eight units which deal progressively with the key stages of meetings, from preparation through decision-making and follow-up action. It focuses on useful language for performing these skills and offers practice tasks and role-plays which draw on the participants own ideas and experience. The course aims to develop both competence and confidence in a variety of situations, so that by the end, participants will have acquired the necessary skills to play an active role in all types of meetings.

Key Parts:

  • Key features of an effective meeting
  • Opening and chairing a meeting
  • Controlling the direction of a meeting and demonstrating how to interupt effectively
  • Staying focused on main points and using active listening techniques
  • Getting everyone's ideas, managing interruptions and dominant speakers
  • Reaching consensus and responding to objections raised by a potential client
  • Dealing with questions during and at the end of the meeting
  • Closing a meeting successfully

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