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Influencing & Persuading: Achieving the best for both sides

This seminar focuses on improving your communication and influencing skills as well as enhancing the ability of participants to motivate others, to negotiate, to consult with clients, to build relationships, and to promote one's ideas. It will help boost your confidence, effectiveness and professional impact by giving you practical skills and tools to gain the co-operation of others and so achieving the best for both sides.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • have a greater awareness of one's current influencing style and gain techniques for more effective ways of influencing
  • to understand what one could do or say differently in order to achieve their desired outcomes
  • develop influencing strategies to help build relationships and rapport
  • understand the motivations of others and use the appropriate style in order to influence others
  • explore the use of words, energy and body language when adopting different styles of influencing
  • determine your audience's needs by actively listening, asking questions, gathering data, and paraphrasing and summarizing
  • establish your credibility, assert yourself, and give and receive feedback
  • say “No” and disagree professionally
  • have more personal impact when communicating throughout your organization
  • explore the differencies between communicating face-to-face and virtually
  • employ right ethics when influencing and persuading

How do we achieve this?

Exploring present status of one's Influencing skills

  • expectations & what are my challenges: emotional/professional
  • the internal map: internal state
  • working with our critical voice/mind talk
  • what does it mean to influence?
  • why should anyone be influenced by me
  • how attitude drives behavior
  • centering as a tool for self-awareness & gaining fresh perspective

Engaging others - Building rapport

  • what is rapport
  • building rapport
  • communication filters
  • stepping into other people's shoes
  • building rapport: F2F vs virtually
  • engaging the senses

Linguistic tools for Influence & Persuasion

  • influencing & persuasion as forms of communication
  • manipulation vs influencing and persuasion
  • balancing advocacy/inquiry & reflection
  • phrases
  • metaphors/stories/parables
  • positive enabling language
  • linguistic excellence in virtual settings
  • how synchronous and asynchronous scenarios differ

Sources of Power

  • what is it? where is it?
  • Positional vs personal
  • Interdependency/diversity/power gap

Currency: genuine gold

  • what currency do I have: Recognizing your power base and establishing credibility
  • commonly trade currencies:
  • 1. Vision, excellence, moral/ethical correctness
  • 2. Task: resources, assistance, cooperation, information
  • 3. Position: recognition, reputation, networks
  • 4. Relationship: connectedness, personal support, understanding

Influencing with Integrity

  • 10 ways to influence ethically

My Influencing Map

With whom:

  • above (to boss)
  • sideways (to peers)
  • down (to customers)

By what means:

  • face-to-face communication
  • asynchronous virtual communication (e-mail & others)
  • synchronous virtual communication (Skype, chat & others)

My Influencing plan

  • gaps and challenges
  • my source of power
  • credibility & trust
  • currencies
  • my influencing tactics
  • adapting F2F & virtual

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