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Change Management: Working with Changes & Transitions

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Leading change is a development solution that empowers leaders to make organizational change happen by helping each individual best manage their own personal transitions.

We focus on:

  • Managing the dynamics of pain and resistance
  • Building alignment and releasing energy in teams and organizations
  • Change implementation that works

Leading Change Training shows audiences that they can transform their teams and organizations by putting the passion back into the workplace, by replacing apathy and whining with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment, and most importantly, by reinvigorating the people inside the organization. Recognizing that leadership is now tougher than ever, the training brings audiences face-to-face with the ideal that living out loud is the key to success.

Leading Change for Change Agents

We deliver change training that is focused on critical factors needed for success in leading change:

  1. Return on Change
    • Are you overwhelmed with too many "good idea" change initiatives?
    • Are people underestimating the true implementation costs of change?
    • Have you mapped both the expected yield and the anticipated costs?
    • Is there alignment and resolve behind the work to be done?

  2. Building Change Literacy
    • Are you turning in to the change dynamics happening around you? Can you make sense of them?
    • Have you a shared, consistent picture about your change strategy and leadership approach?
    • Do you need to build a broader understanding about the successful management of change?

Change Leadership Competencies

  • Have you considered what great change leaders do?
  • Are you trying to coach your team on how to lead change?

Six Processes for Successful Implementation of Change

  1. Making it a Business Issue
    • Have you build yet a compelling case for change that is relevant in your organisation?
    • Is there enoughawareness of the gap between desired results and current reality?
    • Have you secured solid senior management sponsorship for your change initiative?

  2. Managing the Dynamics of Pain and Resistance
    • Are you trying to anticipate and manage peoples emotional response to change?
    • Have you mapped out both, the driving and resisting forces behind the change?
    • Have you thought through how to implement tactics to address the resisting factors?

  3. Building Alignment and Releasing Energy
    • Do you need stronger commitment for action within your various stakeholder group?
    • Are you planning large scale engagement events to generate "whole system" change?
    • Do you want to improve your facilitation skills as a leader so that people willingly self organize on the change task?

  4. Capturing the Learning
    • Are you trying to create reflective space during busy work to review, learn and take different future actions?
    • Are you ensuring that learning shift assumptions, not just "Fix it" activities?
    • Are you planning to transfer learning and knowledge across an organization for future memory?

  5. Securing the Returns
    • Have your selected the indicators that will tell you that thinks are changing?
    • Are you creating ownership and alignment around the measures?
    • Are you thinking how to implement appropriate tracking mechanisms?

  6. Implementation that Works
    • Does your change plan has focus? Will it deliver?
    • Are you sequencing activities appropriately?
    • Are you using networks of change agents and communicate effectively?

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