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Language of Marketing

To exist in the global market today, it is necessary to effectively market your company's services internationally. Your knowledge of English is a key aspect of this and allows you to contact potential clients in order to greatly expand your business. This seminar is designed for intermediate to advanced English level students who wish to gain a greater understanding of marketing terminology and concepts. Additional information will center on the best practices to employ in marketing, as well as basic, general English skills.

Language of Marketing is divided into four parts:

  1. Modern Marketing and its Environment - Marketing Strategy (Achieving a Competitive Advantage)
  2. Target Markets - Segmentation and Positioning
  3. Marketing for Chains and Characteristics of the Industry
  4. Marketing Research and Information
  5. Products and Services - Products Mix Strategies
  6. The Price Element in the Marketing Mix
  7. Channels of Distribution
  8. Internet Marketing

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