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General Business English For Staff And Low Level Managers

The English language has never been more important for international business than it is today. General Business English classes from Aventurenglish s.r.o. allow individuals specializing in all fields to communicate and perform excellently through an increased proficiency with workplace English.

Our courses are also aimed at maximizing the time spent learning the language by using actual business or workplace situations and emphasizing the use of the language through role plays and interactive training methods.

You Can Expect:

  • Initial Consultation: Our qualified trainers will first obtain a thorough understanding of your goals and past learning experiences so as to more effectively provide you with the training you want.

  • Level Assessment and Needs Analysis: Each company's specific needs are determined and addressed through the use of a needs analysis based on interviewing of key management representatives, present knowledge testing for students and the production of a Personal Training Recommendation.

  • Training Method: Use of various multi-media resources, specially prepared to fit your needs, and modern business English textbooks such as Powerhouse, International Express or Commercially Speaking. This allows students to simultaneously develop language and business skills in a stimulating and dynamic fashion.

  • Control Over the Learning Process: Our trainers are interested in your satisfaction. Throughout the learning process, the staff of Aventurenglish s.r.o. will continuously monitor the progress of our clients and direct the lessons such that they maintain an optimum level of usefulness and relevance for the class as a whole.

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