Our Trainers

Dennis Morbin - Director, Trainer and Coach

For many years, Dennis has used many different approaches in creating learning environments, which optimize and enhance personal and professional growth - as teacher, trainer, curriculum developer and learning facilitator. More recently he has been using creative ways for group facilitation such as World Café, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the Art of Hosting and Convening Meaningful Conversations.

He received his Master's Degree in Education specializing in teaching English as an international language from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada. He has lived and taught in various parts of the world including Japan, USA and Europe.

In his own words, he considers "learning as a core element of being aliveĀ­how to gain new insights into oneself and the world around us to unfold our hidden potential."

Filip Kabrt - Program Director, Trainer and IT Specialist

Has over 5 years expertise in Internet consultancy and even much longer track record in computer programming and system analysis. He is very much interested in how Internet and virtual tools can help remote human communication and has been an active innovator in this area. He graduated from Mathematics and Physics faculty of Charles University and since then worked as a programmer, web designer and web marketing specialist. He has collaborated with Dennis on international project BLENDED TEAMWORK.

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